Full Support

From the first meeting to the end of the work, you will receive full support from the design team and the various work teams. Specialists will help you plan and carry out your construction or renovation project in the greater Ottawa-Gatineau and Montréal area, working with you to make the best decisions.


Our services

Custom Home Design

Whether you’ve been planning the home of your dreams for years or are simply looking for inspiration, make Carrey Construction your greatest ally.

Design and Construction

Our combination of design and construction expertise ensures your project will meet all your budget and architectural objectives for your new home.

Renovation and Addition

A plan for the expansion of a house must be well prepared. To this end, a high degree of construction expertise allows the design team to successfully prepare the various plans and specifications required for the project.

Restoration of Heritage Home

For three generations, we have held a leading position in the renovation of high quality homes and the restoration of public heritage structures.


Custom Design

The Carrey Construction team offers its professionalism and passion to create homes carefully adapted to the desires and needs of their clients. All projects are realized through an exclusive creative process where the best designs are combined to produce a unique look. Whether your style is more modern or more traditional, your future space will be created according to your tastes.



A Flawless Realization

The implementation and timing of the work is carefully planned prior to the start of the project to ensure the best possible experience. The various teams of professionals and workers respect the premises and ensure that a quality project is carried out. To this day, Carrey Construction stands out for its unequalled dedication to respecting the work deadline.